PRESCHOOL Application

Welcome, future students and families!

Please complete the below application to begin the process of acceptance to Mulberry Meadow Farm School. Our preschool program currently accepts students aged 3-5 years old. We require that all of our little students are potty-trained or are very diligently working toward this goal!

Current tuition rates are: $40/day; $35/half day

Admissions Process

1. Complete online application. 

If you prefer a print application, click here to download, and mail completed form to:

Mulberry Meadow Farm School
Attn: Selection Committee
6302 E. Raymond St.
Indianapolis, IN 46203

2. Schedule an enrollment meeting with Mulberry Meadow administrators and staff. 

Upon receipt of your application, a school administrator will be in touch to schedule your meeting, which will include a tour of our school and a discussion of your family's educational goals for the academic year. 

3. Submit $50 application fee. 

Our school requires that all families pay a $50 non-refundable application fee to reserve their child's spot at our school. If our school program is full, this fee will place your child on our waiting list for up to two academic quarters. 

Regardless of application fee, our school will give preference to full-time students. This means that a full-time student who applies after a part-time student may be placed one slot above a part-time student on our wait list. 

4. Return your enrollment packet and start your first day of school! 

If you have questions about our admissions process, please feel free to contact a school administrator here

We look forward to seeing you at our Mulberry Meadow Farm School!


General Information
Student's Full Name *
Student's Full Name
Student's Date of Birth *
Student's Date of Birth
Parent/Guardian Name 1 *
Parent/Guardian Name 1
Parent/Guardian Name 2
Parent/Guardian Name 2
Primary Phone Number *
Primary Phone Number
Alternate Phone Number
Alternate Phone Number
Preferred Method of Communication
What days do you prefer that your child attend the School? (Please Check All That Apply)
What times do you prefer your child attend the School? (Please Check All That Apply)
Student Information
To what extent do the following traits apply to your child? Please rate each.
To what extent do the following traits apply to your child? Please rate each.
My child is respectful.
My child is responsible.
My child is confident.
My child is self-reliant.
My child is joyful.
My child enjoys being outdoors.
My child enjoys helping out with tasks or projects.
My child enjoys tasks that challenge him/her to think in new ways.
My child prefers to practice one task until s/he is very good at it.
My child enjoys being read to, and/or exploring books independently.
My child enjoys spending time on a phone or computer.
My child is potty-trained.
Parent/Guardian Information
Please answer the following questions & prompts as objectively and honestly as possible so that we may gain a better understanding of your child. After all, no one knows your child quite like you do!
To what extent do you plan to be involved in your child's education while enrolled at Mulberry Meadow Farm School? (Please choose one)


After you have submitted your written application, a school educator will be in touch within one week with further details and to set up an interview. 

Please send your questions via email or call us at (317) 478-3735.