There are around 200 chickens on the farm at this time. We sell both live birds and eggs.  We are currently breeding our own stock from multiple chicken varieties.



basic care rules/tips

Basic-care-feed: The chickens need a variety of things in their diets. We make sure they have access to fresh greens and feed them Dumor chicken feed. The chickens have many different types of feeders. The most effective is the five gallon bucket with holes in it sitting in a pan. We also use five gallon bucket drinkers with little cups attached to them. 

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products for sale

Eggs -$4

Live birds - $3 to $30

Meat -$12 to $20



I love basically everything about chickens.

I hate cleaning super stinky chicken pens.


We have two pigs at the farm.  Wilbur is a Yorkshire pig. She has been enjoying her new student-built enclosure where she can naturally graze on the farm’s wild growing plants. Wilbur drinks around 15-20 gallons of water per day and enjoys fresh and frozen fruits and veggies.



What I love about Wilbur is she is a good listener. She usually obeys the commands: stop, no, and wait.  She is learning "calm down" and "backup." 



We currently have 25 rabbits and they are all mixed breeds. The purpose of these rabbits is to sell them as pets.


basic care rules/tips

Each day every rabbit receives approximately 2 cups of "Producer's Pride" rabbit feed and plenty of hay or fresh greens. The rabbits are all currently living in the back of the barn. There is a communal pen of males, a communal pen of females, and several in their own cages.



What I like about the rabbits is that they are fun and I like learning more about them.  I do not particularly enjoy cleaning their pens.

products for sale

Right now I am selling rabbits as pets for $15. 


Our herd is a mixture of Pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf. They love to play and frolic through the farm.


basic care rules/tip

We give the goats fresh water and a large pasture inside the electric fence.  We made a portable shelter out of a sheet of steel and wood pallets on wheels. We also use plastic igloos as shelters.   



I love that the goats are funny and have great personalities.  I do not like it when they escape and I don't like to smell of the bucks.