Our students Grow

Tomatoes. Beets. Carrots. Responsibility. Red Peppers. Jalapeños. Self-Reliance. Kale. Green Beans. Life-long Learning. Lettuce. Arugula. Bok Choy. Confidence. Pork. Potatoes. Beef. Joy. Okra.  Strawberries. Sunflowers. Respect. Mint. Chicken. Eggs. Squash. 


Offering individualized, agriculturally-immersive education for preschool through high school students, the Mulberry Meadow Farm School moves learning from the classroom to the outdoors.

Preschool and early elementary students learn through discovery and exploration. Whether planting seeds, harvesting vegetables, painting with plant-based dyes or interacting with livestock, early learning is enhanced by meaningful outdoor experiences.

Middle and high school students collaborate and create from start to finish, using equal parts critical thinking and elbow grease to meet their educational goals. Challenges are embraced as opportunities for insight and growth, and success is defined on a case by case basis.

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